From the date of its first establishment, Polen Textile , has step into the rapid growth thanks to continuous investments and for more than 16 years from its existence  it has become one of the leading suppliers in Knitted Ready to Wear and Textile industry. Our company, Polen Textile, founded in 2001, is still performing its operating in 11.000 mt2 area

100% Export

With the increasing production capacity, Polen Textile has started to make %100 export of its production and now exports to European countries, mainly collabaretes with Italy’s and United Kingdom’s high level brands


Our company, since its establishment, has been giving importance to the growth and replacement investments and has managed to maintain its position in the industry. Our company, by creating production, employment, and value in the region, contributes to our country and to the world economy

Advanced Tecnology

Our company pays attention to its continuous development, labor productivity and customer satisfaction with its 180 employees and will be happy and proud to share its experience, unlimited service and its range of product that are constanly expanding